Balcony tables

Balcony table

Do you have little space on your balcony or are you looking for ideas to decorate your balcony? Then the Smart Balcony Table is for you! The balcony table is a product made of FSC-approved wood and is delivered ready to use. Thanks to the unique suspension system, the table hangs firmly on the balcony railing. You get free stain from us, with a choice of four colors. The foldable balcony table is handy for really narrow balconies. Enjoy your balcony!


Customized Balcony table

Of course we ensure that the balcony table fits perfectly on your balcony. Therefore be sure to always ensure us the width of the railing. You can find the measuring instructions with on the product page of the balcony table. Are you unable to find a solution or do you have any questions? Feel free to mail us a photo of your balcony railing and we will look into it with you! By giving us the correct width of the balcony railing, you get a proper customized balcony table!


Balcony table foldable

The balcony table with a foldable shelf for extra width is very popular! We have made an extra shelf on the standard balcony table with sturdy hinges. Because of this extra width you can serve an extensive meal on it. Or do you have extra space to work on your laptop. We screw on the hinges for you. So you have no work of your own! With the 145 cm foldable model we place a nice stainless steel lip in the middle to give extra support to the tabletop. This table for outside is a big hit!


Balcony bar

When the weather is nice, your balcony is the place to sit with family or friends. Use the Smart Balcony table as a handy balcony bar. To put drinks and snacks on or hang out. The foldable model offers extra space. Even more convenient. Let the parties come! We regularly post photos on Insta with inspiration to decorate your balcony. Already following us?


For that very reason

  We are happy to think along with you about customization
  Mounting material is always included with your order for free
  Delivery is fast and reliable.


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ACTION! Free colored stain worth € 15, - with your Smart Balcony Table!

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