Measuring instructions Balcony Table 99 – 145 cm


The balcony table is stable due to the attachment with threaded rod that you get sent along. You always get three types of attachments. These are them:

  • Measure the balcony railing as shown below.
  • Make sure that you measure in multiple places and use the widest dimension to determine the size 
  • Up To 9 cm you choose the standard < less than 9 cm. minder="" dan="" 9="">   
    •   Example: 4 cm becomes
  • Do you Order an XL version (with fixed blade) for a stone balcony railing? Add up to 0.5 cm at the width of your balcony railing, so that the brackets have enough space.

There are different types of balcony railings. Below we show images of this. The balcony railings with a checkmark are always suitable for The Smart Balcony table. The railings with a question mark ask for extra attention when measuring. Sometimes we have to tailor the balcony table to fit the balcony railing.


  • Do you have a railing with a double tube right above each other like on image 4? Then measure the distance from top to top tube. This can be up to 32 cm.
  • Do you have a railing with a double tube whose top tube does not hang above the bottom tube, like on image 5 or 6? Send an email with photo!
  • Do you have a balcony railing with a wide section, like on Figure 7? Send an email with photo!

You're still in doubt, aren't you? Feel free to send us a email with photo front + top of your balcony railing. We always respond within a day, so you can still order quickly!



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