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Below you will find an overview of questions that are often asked to us.

Why am I not receiving order confirmation?

Have you ordered a product from and have you not yet received an e-mail about this? In this case we would like to ask you to check your spam box first.

If There is no order confirmation here, please mail us.

Can I also pick up my order?

Pick up of parcels is possible! Send us an appje for the possibilities. We also offer free shipping throughout the Netherlands! Not at home often? Then you can have your package delivered to a DPD pick-up point (sErvicepunt delivery is not possible for the 145cm smart balcony tables).

Can I send my order to a service point?

Yes this can. You can choose a DPD service point yourself. Service point delivery is not possible for the 145cm smart balcony tables.

What is the delivery time of the products?

We Ship your order within 3 working days. 

Do i Have To put The Smart Balcony table together?

No, we do that for you. The balcony table is supplied ready-made! All you have to do is attach the table to the railing of your balcony (without screws or drills). Very simple! If you have ordered the wide version of the balcony table, you have to screw the table top to it yourself.

Is it difficult to mount The Smart Balcony table to the railing?

No, this is not difficult. We provide a manual with images via email. Our advice is to do it with two people: one person keeps the table fixed, the other person turns the confirmation.

Where can I find the manual for The Smart Balcony Table?

We'll send you the manual by email. Can't you find it for a while? Then click on Here for the manual.

How do I know if my balcony is suitable?
Our balcony table fits almost every balcony, because we have a unique universal suspension system. If you Have any doubts, please take a picture of your balcony and send it to us. Then We look forward to you.
Do i Have To put The Smart Balcony table in the stain or lacquer?

You get a free color stain delivered with your order. This is easy to apply with the supplied sponge. The use of this stain will extend the lifespan, but cannot prevent the balcony table from ageing. More information can be found in the maintenance form that we digitally supply with the balcony table.

I ordered a wall shelf larger than 170 cm. How do I get it delivered?

Wall shelves above 170 cm go with a special transport. In this case, we will always contact you after placing the order! If you agree, we will give your phone number to the driver and arrange a day before delivery.

Are the wall shelves also covered?

No, the wall shelves are left untreated. You can choose to paint the planks, but it is not necessary. In damp rooms we advise the use of lacquer to prevent circles in the wood.

Have the side tables been treated as well?

No, the shelves are untreated. You can choose to lacquer or oil the planks yourself, but this is not necessarily necessary. In humid rooms we recommend the use of lacquer to prevent the wood from circling.

What is the weight of the shelf supports?

The shelf supports are extremely strong and can carry dozens of kilos per set. The quality of the wall is most important for the load-bearing capacity. We supply quality plugs and screws to create a greater bearing capacity.

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