Wall shelves

Wall shelf wood

The wall shelves are made of robust oak. GoudmetHout chooses this wood species for its tough and trendy look. The planks are untreated and ready to use. You can of course apply a layer of stain or oil yourself (wise if the planks hang in a damp space). We love the untreated character of the planks and prefer to keep them natural. Good to know: the planks are planed on four sides and therefore straight. The fact that a knot can be seen here and there makes the boards beautiful. 

Made to measure wall shelf

We make the shelf to measure so it fits your interior. For example as a storage shelf above a sink or cabinet. Or as a shelf for home accessories in the living room. The shelves also work well next to your bed as an alternative to a bedside table. In short: the possibilities are endless! We are happy to think along with you and saw the shelves to the centimetre that you need. We can't make it any easier for you.

Industrial wall shelf

Are you looking for an industrial addition to your interior? Then choose our sturdy oak wall shelves with steel shelf supports. The combination of these two products is trendy, beautiful and in terms of appearance industrial. And you know what is so handy? We make the shelves for you exactly to measure. The shelf supports we offer in three different types, sizes and coatings. You can choose from the triangle, the L-shape and the L-shape UP. And from a matte black coating, clear coating or no coating. What you want! You can be sure that the industrial look of your interior gets a big boost when you choose this product. 

Fixing a wooden wall shelf

We supply free of charge fasteners (plugs and screws) for each board carrier. The screws are provided with a strong coating, matching the shelf supports. You can combine endlessly with our wooden wall shelves!

For that very reason

  We are happy to think along with you about customization
  Mounting material is always included with your order for free
  Delivery is fast and reliable.


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